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My First I&E Days Experience!

I had no idea what to expect for my first I&E Days. As I neared the capitol and finished my first coffee, I awakened and became excited as I saw the large white tent where the 2013 Capitol I&E Days conference was taking place. When I got to the tent, I helped check in the I&E Days participants. During the process, it was great to see all the faces helping out with tobacco awareness. All faces were different and from different parts of California, but everyone had a similar look of eagerness and readiness for the day.

Later, all the participants got into their groups to talk about how they would go about their meetings with their legislators. We found that there were some gaps and people came together to do more work and go to those meetings as well. I ended up filling one of these gaps so someone wouldn’t have to go alone and I’m really glad I had that chance! Read More »

So, what was your favorite thing about Capitol I&E Days?

The 2013 Capitol I&E Days has come and gone. And needless to say, there was a lot of great stuff that happened on May 6th & 7th. We had over 160 participants this year from 53 counties in California and once again dropped off information with every legislative office in the Capitol. But what were our favorite parts of I&E Days? Read below and then add your own in the comments!

This year I felt that the legislative speakers (Assembly members Dickinson, Levine and Bloom) were particularly impactful. They all had such great perspective on how far we’ve come as a movement and really understand how much (and how urgent!) work still needs to be done to protect all Californians. But more importantly, with their local experiences they appreciate how important our local work is. What a great trio! – Vanessa Marvin

My favorite part of I&E Days this year was the Meet & Greet. Most years, the Meet & Greet is fairly straight forward, attendees come, have some snacks, hear a couple speakers and then go to dinner. This year, at the suggestion of our fabulous workgroup, we threw in a scavenger hunt designed to get people talking. And boy did it work! Everywhere I turned there were people smiling and introducing themselves to colleagues they had never met before. It really was a fun way to get to know people and inject some much needed fun into the event. – Erin Reynoso Read More »

There’s no place like home

There has been lots of interesting dialogue in the world of smokefree housing this month at both the local and state level. Earlier this month County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky posted blog about the great work happening in Los Angeles County around smokefree multiunit housing and Monday the Contra Costa Times posted an article about a perspective Walnut Creek secondhand smoke ordinance that would prohibit smoking in indoor and outdoor common areas. And in state news, just last week Assembly Member Marc Levine introduced AB 746 which would prohibit smoking in all multiunit housing in California. We know that secondhand smoke is more than a nuisance, in fact there are some huge health impacts when it comes to drifting secondhand smoke; heart disease, asthma, lung cancer and stroke just to name a few. Read More »

California Legislators go to Washington

We talk a lot about the state legislature, and I’ve written a few times about redistricting, and its effects. One of the things that I find so interesting is how legislators move around, jumping from local officials, to the legislature, sometime serving in statewide office, and sometimes running for congressional seats. The start of the 113th Congress is a good example of that.

On January 3, the 113th Congress was sworn in. With it, 82 freshman members from all over the country. That means that of the 435 members that serve in Congress, almost 19% of them were new. Compared to other years, this seems right in line (there were 93 in the freshman class of the 112th Congress and 65 in the freshman class of the 111th Congress), but what is noteworthy is the California delegation. This year the California delegation experienced the highest turnover it’s had in 20 years according to a Los Angeles Times article.

Of those 82 new faces in DC, 14 of them are from California. According to an article in the Sacramento Bee, this higher than normal turnover in the California delegation is due to “retirements, redistricting, and the new ‘top-two’ election rules.” What is even more impressive is that of those 14 new Congress Members, nine of them previously served in the California legislature as Senators and/or Assembly Members. Read More »

Post-Election Craziness!

After the election in November I was full of excitement, I loved looking at the rare outcomes that were produced by redistricting and the new top two primary system that was used in June primary. But now that we are a month and a half after the election, that excitement has worn off some.

As I sought out resources to help me provide you all with the most accurate information on the election, I began to realize that the normal resources we use were themselves struggling to produce accurate information! Because of the slew of close races and redistricting, information was slow to be made available, and often times combined a mixture of old and new district details. From the odd collection of legislators listed on the Assembly’s official website during the first day of session in December to the difficulties with some official websites in simply figuring out which counties were in each district, it was clear that this election created a plethora of additional challenges. Read More »