2 days, 16 cities

The Center team spent an intense two days last week doing strategy charts with CBOs in Los Angeles who are working on tobacco control campaigns in cities across the county. In two days we worked on strategy charts for campaigns in 16 different cities where the folks are working on passing tobacco retailer licensing, smokefree housing and smokefree outdoor areas. That’s a lot of Circles of Influences! And what did we learn coming out of this annual event? Well…

Erin: While working with staff from your agency and even sitting down for intense TA with the Center team is important, nothing replaces working on the strategy chart with your coalition members.  They have more knowledge about the community than any of us outsiders, so it is important to ask them to contribute to your strategy. They will feel more empowered and you will get important tidbits of information that can really help shape your work in their community.

Jack: The Assessing the Political Environment Checklist never lets you down.  There are always critical info gems which point the way forward, especially in the “How Does Local Government Work?” section.  I wish everyone would prepare the Checklist before a strategy chart session.

Julissa: I learned the messier you make your Circles of Influence the better. So, let’s start making those circles look like an intricate web of lines.

Vanessa: I learned that despite our tips for searching the internet and even with four people scouring the internet there are some council members that defy internet research. That means it’s time to go back to good old fashioned key informants and champions who will give you the real scoop on the council members!

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