Monthly Archives: March 2010

National MultiCultural Institute

I spent yesterday at a diversity training in Oakland conducted by the National MultiCultural Institute (NMCI) and hosted by the Capacity Building Network (CBN). There were many lessons during the day for our work. One of the lessons that really resonated with me was about “Focusing on shared values.” What does that mean? Examples of values NMCI gave that you may share with someone (even someone who on the surface may not appear to have anything in common with you) include family, children, community wellness, responsibility, equality, and opportunity.  Read More »

Weapons and Licensing, What’s the Connection?

We often make the argument that a tobacco retailer licensing ordinance gets more police on the streets, in the community and into stores. The licensing fee paid by tobacco retailers supports the youth tobacco decoy operations, but while conducting the stings, officers may see other things going on in the community. Right now, police everywhere are strapped for cash and not able to put as many officers on the street as they might wish. So these tobacco retail licensing fees  can allow them to increase their police presence. Read More »

Find, Follow, Communicate

The Center just released a new Organizing Update which talks about using Twitter to connect with legislators.

The article points out that if you find, follow and communicate with your elected officials on Twitter it may give you the opportunity to meet them face to face, communicate with them directly or learn something that allows you to relate to them on a more personal level, all of which might help your campaign.  Read More »

Organizing Update – Los Angeles

The new Organizing Update from the Center tells the story of the Los Angeles smokefree dining campaign. In the end the coalition was victorious, but they had some tough times. According to the article:  Read More »

Map Happy

I love maps.  I’ve had legislative district maps and presidential voting results maps hanging in my office.  I recently got hooked on this college basketball map game on  I even had a map cake once for my birthday.  So you can imagine my excitement when the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released a new national tobacco policy mapRead More »