Monthly Archives: May 2010

I&E Days 2010 – What an event!

It was about two weeks ago today that tobacco control advocates gathered at the State Capitol for Capitol I&E Days. A few of us here at the Center decided to take a second and reflect on some of our favorite parts of the event:

It takes a long time to make I&E Days appointments and even longer to break people into legislative visit teams; we consider geography, workplans and level of I&E days experience. It is great to see the fruits of our labor all come together when the teams break out and start working Read More »

Beach Bummed

Sometimes politics can get in the way of good policy. It happens all the time and such was the case with SB 4 this legislative session.  Exhibit A: Well-meaning politician with an exemplary record in tobacco control who wants to do something super progressive butts up against a Governor with a looming expiration date and a penchant for saying no more often than yes on tobacco related legislation.  Read More »

Senator Padilla’s Push to Move Tobacco Shops Away from Schools Pays Off

Last November, Senator Padilla sent a package to local officials throughout the state urging them to prohibit tobacco sales within 1000 feet of schools.  He included a model ordinance and a document from the Technical Assistance Legal Center (TALC).  On April 28, 2010, the Calabasas City Council adopted such an ordinance “prohibiting the sale of tobacco within 500 feet of schools.”  City Councilwoman Mary Sue Maurer said Padilla’s letter definitely influenced the Council’s decision to   Read More »

Studying the Smokefree Housing Studies

I’ve heard over and over again the argument that “it’s not fair to force people in low income housing to have smokefree housing.” Haven’t we all? But we all know it’s still an important issue to work on despite this argument. And now we have the results of two new studies to help us make our case: Read More »