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I actually like Twitter

First, I just want to say that Erin did not make me write this article.  Although I feel the social media pressure from her, I chose to get a Twitter account and write a social media blog post all on my own accord.  You see, I am a bit of a late adopter when it comes to social media.  I was never on MySpace.  I just started Facebook last year and finally got a Twitter account last month, both reluctantly.  Well, I am hear to report that I now love Twitter and have learned about tobacco-related information on Twitter that I would not have learned about elsewhere.  Let me explain. Read More »

Our team is growing

We’re very excited about two new additions to the Center team and the opportunity to extend the Lung Association’s leadership in tobacco control in Los Angeles County under the Project TRUST effortJeannie Nguyen is the new Organizing Coordinator for Tobacco Policy in the American Lung Association in California’s (ALAC) Los Angeles office.  Jeannie will be help lead our efforts in Los Angeles County working closely with Vanessa Marvin, Jack Nicholl and Jennifer Paul, ALAC Program Manager, who will also be working on Project TRUST.   Read More »

Behind the Orange Curtain: Would Your Coalition Pursue Policy Change?

What would your county tobacco coalition do if the health department couldn’t support the work of passing local policies? That’s the situation Orange County finds itself in. The health department has had their hands tied and can’t work on advocating for local policy change. So if the coalition wants to pass any tobacco control policies behind the self proclaimed “Orange Curtain” the coalition needs to take it on by itself. That might sound easy, but the OC tobacco coalition is like all the others around the state — made up of dedicated, hard-working and passionate people… who have other fulltime jobs. Read More »

Making smoking The Last Drag in the LGBT community!

By Guest Blogger  – Gloria Soliz, American Lung Association in California

Boldly dealing with the disparities in smoking rates, The American Lung Association has released its second Cessation Report, “Smoking Out a Deadly Threat: Tobacco Use in the LGBT Community.”  In part because addressing high rates of smoking reduces exposure to secondhand smoke protecting all of us.

Interested in lowering the smoking rate among LGBT people in your community?  Get started with the following ideas: Read More »

Who Are You Calling a Wonk?

What’s a “policy wonk”? Well, actually what’s a “wonk”? This was the question that came up at the great “New Contractor Orientation” held by LA Tobacco Control and Prevention which I participated in on Tuesday.

It’s a relevant question at a time when so many Prop 99-ers are starting new contracts — perhaps in new cities and perhaps in new issue areas. Read More »