Monthly Archives: November 2010

Using a Checklist as a Road Map

By Guest Blogger – Catherine Jun, Los Angeles Tobacco Control and Prevention Program

I am a tobacco control newbie.

As a newly hired policy liaison for Project TRUST, I needed to learn about tobacco control issues fast. I dove into the world of TRLs, OAs, and MUHs, and began a point of purchase campaign at the same time. If I were to swim (not sink) during my first campaign in a new city, I would need an enormous amount of preparation.

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New Leaders on Tobacco Control

The November 2, 2010 election will bring a total of 38 new legislators to the Capitol for the 2011 legislative session; 10 new Senators and 28 new Assembly Members.  This represents nearly a third of the entire legislature.  Among those new faces are some legislators that have been champions on tobacco control at the state or local level previously.  They include: Read More »