Monthly Archives: March 2011

Dispatch from the District – New Legislator Orientation with Sen. Kevin De León

By Guest Blogger – Justin Robertson, Los Angeles County Tobacco Control and Prevention Program

New Legislator Orientation is a great opportunity for relationship building with new members of the California Legislature. Some members come to Sacramento knowing less about tobacco policy than others, and often appreciate that we’re here to answer their questions and to help keep them informed.

Last month, my TCPP/Project TRUST colleague Alisha Lopez and I sat down with Senator Kevin De León and his District Director—himself a local city councilmember—for a brisk 15-minute meeting at his district office in Los Angeles. It was a great experience that showed me the value of crisp, clear communication, and how materials like the American Lung Association in California (ALAC) State of Tobacco Control report can be invaluable for our information and education efforts. Read More »