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Smoking on the Tube: A Tale of Authenticity

Any Mad Men fans out there?  C’mon, it’s okay to admit it, we’ve all got our guilty pleasures.  Besides noticing how awesome Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks are, does anyone also notice the amount of copious smoking that takes place during the AMC show?  I can only speak for myself, but since working in the field of tobacco control, my tobacco radar is gone through the roof!  Which is why while watching ABC’s new fall show Pan Am, I was drawn to the…lack of smoking. 

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What’s the Truth About SB 332?

Ever since it was introduced last year, there have been a lot of questions about SB 332. And now that it will soon go into effect (on January 1, 2012) there is still much confusion and questions are still being raised. Just last week in West Hollywood there was news that the city council was worried that the state law would trump their rent control laws and permit landlords to impose new smoking restrictions on tenants, allowing them to evict long time tenants.

In fact, SB 332 does not create any new landlord rights.  The law simply codifies in state law that landlords have the legal authority to prohibit smoking in the apartments that they own and manage.  This was a right that landlords already had prior to this state law.  The state law explicitly requires landlords to abide by local laws regarding changes to the terms of tenancy.  For cities with rent control, including West Hollywood, this means that tenants who smoke cannot be forced to accept new lease terms regarding smoking.

If you have questions about the bill, the Center just released a new factsheet going through some of the details of the bill. We also released a community organizing update with some ways that you can take advantage of this new law and use it to promote your smokefree housing work.

–Vanessa Marvin

Numbers Never Lie

Today Center’s Stage is guest blogging over at the Health DATAbytes blog at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, a blog about how to use data in health efforts. You probably know that we at the Center love our data and use it to move policy campaigns forward. But it’s interesting and fun to have this opportunity to step back and think about how much data we really do have, especially on a topic like tobacco retailer licensing.

Check out our blog post about using data to combat the common arguments against licensing. Hopefully you’re familiar with all of these tools! And check out Health DATAbytes for some interesting reading about data being used in other health efforts from childhood obesity to elder health. 

–Vanessa Marvin

Is anyone actually surprised?

I love my dog, Malcolm. Love love love. Ask anyone and they will tell you. He, along with my two cats, Lamar and Johnny, are the closest my husband and I ever plan on getting to having children and we will do anything to keep them happy and healthy. Most pet owners I know feel the same way about their “fur babies” as I call them. That is why when Vanessa sent me this article, I wasn’t surprised at all by what I read.

 Turns out that smoking around your pets may actually prove hazardous to their health. Makes sense, right? After all they have lungs and breathe oxygen just like we do. But not every person thinks about this. I’ve been bugging my own mom for years to quit smoking, referring her to quit smoking resources here and there. And after she got her dog, Jake, I was even more adamant. I figure if she is reluctant to give it up for her own health, surely she will consider the health of her fuzzy friend. Unfortunately we know how addictive smoking is and it is not always easy to quit nor do I think she realizes the impact her smoking can have on her dog.

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