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I&E Days 2012 – A few of our favorite things.

Though it has been a few months since I&E Days, the Center team thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite things about this year’s event. Check out our thoughts below and see photos from the event here. What were some of your favorite things about the event?

My favorite part of I&E Days was seeing the photos of legislators and staffers holding up their numbers. When the I&E planning workgroup was talking about this idea, there was a little part of my brain that worried about whether legislators and staffers would actually agree to do this. I loved the idea, don’t get me wrong…. but legislators and staffers sharing something so personal? And writing it on a big blank piece of paper? For a photo? Not so sure. So there was nothing more exciting than having people come back from meetings all afternoon long with amazing stories and photos from their meeting. And it wasn’t just because our idea worked. But because each photo was a real reminder of our message – “Everyone has a number.” And a real reminder about how extremely vital our work is. I left I&E Days inspired.

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