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A number that reflects more than just one story

Sharing your personal story with your legislator is a good way to build a relationship. And with District Days approaching (September 17-21), there’s no better time to start thinking about the story you want to share when you meet with your legislators in their district offices.

To help get you excited about sharing your story, we asked four I&E Workgroup Members to share theirs on our blog. Over the next month, we will post one story each week in our “What’s Your Number?” blog series.

This week we hear from Nicole Coxe from Santa Clara County.

Nicole Coxe, Tobacco-Free Coalition chair Dr. Roger Kennedy & Senator Corbett's Legislative Aide

As a participant in the 2012 Tobacco Information and Education (I&E) Days in Sacramento, I was asked to choose a number that represented my story, my community or program’s story to share with my Legislator that would highlight why tobacco prevention efforts are valuable. I was torn between choosing a number that related to my personal story or to our program work, so I chose both. Read More »

Cutting Tobacco’s Rural Roots

Last week, the American Lung Association released a new report called Cutting Tobacco’s Rural Roots:  Tobacco Use in Rural Communities, which examines the uphill battle rural communities face against tobacco addiction and secondhand smoke.  The report also discusses the environmental, social and cultural factors that contribute to a higher rate of tobacco use among youth and adults in rural America. 

Of course being a national report, a lot of the information is focused on far off places like Arkansas and Kentucky. (In fact, the report was a big reminder to me that many places in the country are still struggling to pass smokefree workplaces laws.)

But even here in California the smoking prevalence rate in rural communities is between 16% and 21%. This is significantly higher than the statewide smoking prevalence rate of 12.1%. In addition, youth in California’s rural communities are two times more likely to use smokeless tobacco than their counterparts who live in urban areas.

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From the Halls of the Capitol to City Hall – Legislators Run for Local Office

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times highlights the importance of maintaining strong connections  with your state legislators. We have all heard the stories of Assembly Members and Senators, who term out and move on to higher office. It always seems a bit of a surprise when they return back to local office, but this is a growing trend with our current state Senate and Assembly Members.

According to the August 5th LA Times article, “Sacramento becomes a steppingstone to L.A. City Hall” term limits have had the unintended outcome of encouraging more Senators and Assembly Members to return to local office. There are four current Assembly Members running for Los Angeles city council; Assembly Member Bob Blumenfield is the most recent to throw his hat into the ring, running for a West San Fernando Valley seat. Other Assembly Members are Mike Davis, Felipe Fuentes, and Gil Cedillo. All these Assembly Members are facing the end of their term in the Assembly, as a result of term limits. Read More »