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What’s In Store?

Two weeks ago at the Healthy Retailer Conference I had the opportunity to give a presentation about community organizing. One of the things that I shared with attendees was some data from the National Association of Convenience Stores. Every year NACS creates a State of the Industry Report to help retailers (and people like us!) understand what’s going on in the retail environment. At the American Lung Association in California we use this report each year to look at the sales and profits of retailers with respect to cigarettes and other tobacco products.

In preparing for my presentation I realized that the data told a bigger picture about what was going on in the retail environment, not just with tobacco. In fact, all of the top eight products in terms of profit were products that we were discussing at the conference – tobacco products, alcohol and unhealthy snacks and beverages. Here are the numbers: Read More »

State of Tobacco Control, Here We Come

Yep, it’s that time of year again… Time to gear up for State of Tobacco Control grading.

The State of Tobacco Control (SOTC) Report is a national report grading every state which is released by the American Lung Association each January. In coordination with the national report, the State of Tobacco Control – California Local Grades report issues grades for all 482 cities and 58 counties in California on local policies for smokefree outdoor environments, smokefree housing, and reducing sales of tobacco products.

While the report is not released until January each year, the process of grading the cities and counties in California begins much, much earlier. In fact, the process for preparing our 2013 California report started this week! The grading process starts each September with American Lung Association in California staff reviewing the grading criteria from the previous year to determine if there were any issues in the previous year. Then in October Lung Association staff begin to review hundreds of municipal codes from cities and counties across the state to determine their grades. We get input on the grades from our partners in tobacco control during November. And then the final report is compiled and written in December. Read More »

Beating Big Tobacco to the Punch – Part 1


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By Guest Blogger – Elisa Laird Metke, J.D., ChangeLab Solutions


It’s getting harder for smokers to find a place to light up these days, but the tobacco industry isn’t worried. It has plenty of new products to attract new users and keep the current ones hooked. The industry has introduced an array of smokeless products to give smokers a nicotine boost when they can’t light up, including E-cigarettes (battery-powered devices with inhalable nicotine), snus (teabag-like tobacco pouches), and dissolvable candy-like tobacco. The newest entry on the market is something called “Verve,” a flavored disc containing nicotine but no tobacco, which you suck on like a lozenge and then spit out. Some of the new products are unregulated and even may legally be sold to children. Read More »

Number 106: One Step Closer Towards a Smoke-free Environment

It’s the week of District Days and that means it’s time for our final post in our “What’s Your Number?” series! This week’s post, “Number 106: One Step Closer Towards a Smoke-Free Environment,” comes from James Jo and Consuela Edmond from Riverside County. For more stories, check out the posts from Monty Messex, Bill Hall and Nicole Coxe

Hope you have a great District Days!

Because nothing ruins the mouth-watering aroma of deliciously cooked food like a cloud of cigarette smoke, the County of Riverside Department of Public Health, Tobacco Control Project has worked hard to create a smoke-free dining environment throughout Riverside County.  Read More »

A New Report by the CDC – Flavored Cigars

On Monday, August 27, 2012 Representative Henry Waxman held a press conference at Fairfax High School to discuss the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) new report, “Flavored Cigar Smoking Among U.S. Adults: Findings from the 2009-2012 National Adult Tobacco Survey.” This report, determined that flavored cigars are used the most among the young, poor, Hispanic, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered (LGBT) populations. The report also found that 44.9% of cigars smokers in California use flavored cigars, which is slightly higher than the national average of 42.9%. Read More »