Monthly Archives: September 2012

24. That’s my number

It’s one week until District Days and today we roll out the third post in our “What’s Your Number?” series. This week we hear from Monty Messex from Los Angeles County. Click here to check out the post from week one and click here for the post from week two.

What’s your number? That was the theme of I&E Days this year.

Ugh, I thought to myself, is this really going to work. We’re going to cram into a small Capitol office with an overwhelmed legislator or their just-hired staffer and share a personal story about a number! Really? REALLY!

But, hey I’m a team player, so I came up with a number. Read More »

Using Social Media Strategically in your Campaign

Last month Vanessa and I were lucky enough to attend the National Conference on Tobacco or Health (NCTOH). Vanessa created an AWESOME poster on our new Capitol Information and Education Days Guide, while I conducted a presentation on using social media strategically in your policy campaign. Read More »

2 days, 16 cities

The Center team spent an intense two days last week doing strategy charts with CBOs in Los Angeles who are working on tobacco control campaigns in cities across the county. In two days we worked on strategy charts for campaigns in 16 different cities where the folks are working on passing tobacco retailer licensing, smokefree housing and smokefree outdoor areas. That’s a lot of Circles of Influences! And what did we learn coming out of this annual event? Well…

Erin: While working with staff from your agency and even sitting down for intense TA with the Center team is important, nothing replaces working on the strategy chart with your coalition members.  They have more knowledge about the community than any of us outsiders, so it is important to ask them to contribute to your strategy. They will feel more empowered and you will get important tidbits of information that can really help shape your work in their community. Read More »

Make 33 your number

Last week we rolled out the first post in our District Days blog series “What’s Your Number?” and heard from Nicole Coxe who shared her number, 30, in a post titled “A number that reflects more than just one story.” This week we hear from Bill Hall from Modoc County and his number, 33.

“What is your number” has been the theme this year. While some numbers are statistics others are of a more personal nature. I struggled to find my number. I shared the project with my own mother. She in turn shared it with her mother, my grandmother. Read More »