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COPD: It’s Shocking

By Guest Blogger – Julie Lautsch, American Lung Association in California

I’m going to start out with some numbers and facts. They are intended to shock you. And from everything that I know about the internet and blogging (which is not many things) one must shock – or one must have a photo of an adorable animal. My preference is a picture of a sloth. But I’m pretty sure I am not allowed to do that here, so let me begin with this:

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is the 3rd leading cause of death, moving up a slot on the scary, death chart last year.
  • In the US more than 12 million people suffer from COPD.
  • It’s estimated that more than 12 million people additionally remain undiagnosed.
  • Unlike the other leading causes of death that are on the decline (heart disease and cancer), the prevalence of COPD continues to rise, and is a major cause of disability. Read More »

Hangout with Us

We do a lot of trainings. Trainings on everything from tobacco control policy to how to organize your coalition and pass an ordinance. In the past couple years I have been up and down this awesome state and visited Del Norte, Kern, Kings, San Diego, Contra Costa and Los Angeles counties, just to name a few. So when Michael from Calaveras County contacted us about conducting a training in his neck of the woods, I started packing my bags and gassing up my Honda.

Unfortunately, there was a wrench in my plan, and it goes by the name “budget restrictions”. Because things are getting tighter and tighter in tobacco control, we can no longer travel for trainings that will have fewer than ten attendees. This is truly a bummer because, 1) I love getting to see all these awesome cities in California, and 2) there is really no better way to train someone than in person. Read More »

Be a quitter. Today is the Great American Smokeout!

In case you didn’t know, today is the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout! That means people around the country are taking the first steps towards tobacco free living. Here at the Center, we are taking a different angle. Our training crew is down in Bakersfield working with the local tobacco coalition and teaching them how to take the steps toward a tobacco free Kern County.

So, what are you doing to celebrate the Great American Smokeout? Are you helping a friend or family member quit smoking? Or maybe you are quitting yourself? Maybe you are even busy educating your community on tobacco use and tobacco related diseases. Whatever you are doing, thanks for celebrating with us! Read More »

Election Day is Never Boring!

Election Day is like my Super bowl. I settle in for the night to watch the talking heads analyze and dissect every single vote and what it means. This year’s election held even more excitement for the true political nerds out there. This was the first election with our new districts as organized by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission and the first election using our top two primary system , leaving the outcome of California Senate and Assembly races unpredictable.

Heading into the election, there was a lot of buzz around the Democrats obtaining the rare “supermajority” in the Senate. A supermajority means that one party has two–thirds of the seats in the house (that’s 54 seats in the Assembly and 27 seats in the Senate) giving them the power to pass special types of legislation, such as a tax, other urgency measures, and allow them to override a gubernatorial veto. Prior to the election, the dreams of Democrats for a supermajority in the Senate seemed within reach, but a supermajority in the Assembly seemed much further off. Read More »