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Post-Election Craziness!

After the election in November I was full of excitement, I loved looking at the rare outcomes that were produced by redistricting and the new top two primary system that was used in June primary. But now that we are a month and a half after the election, that excitement has worn off some.

As I sought out resources to help me provide you all with the most accurate information on the election, I began to realize that the normal resources we use were themselves struggling to produce accurate information! Because of the slew of close races and redistricting, information was slow to be made available, and often times combined a mixture of old and new district details. From the odd collection of legislators listed on the Assembly’s official website during the first day of session in December to the difficulties with some official websites in simply figuring out which counties were in each district, it was clear that this election created a plethora of additional challenges. Read More »

The Latest Installment in Smokefree Housing – Part 2

Last week we posted the first half of an interview with Smokefree Air For Everyone (S.A.F.E.) on their campaign for smokefree housing in Santa Monica. Today we learn more about their lessons learned from their efforts.

Center: Can you share some of the lessons learned from the campaign?

S.A.F.E.: Santa Monica has several city commissions and we presented to them more than once, so the leaders of the community were aware of our campaign. The Disability Commission wrote a letter in favor of regulating smoking in apartments. The leaders of the Democratic Club spoke vehemently against us. (That hurt.)

But we were very fortunate that most of our coalition members stuck with us over the years. We were also fortunate that our coalition continued to grow; new people joined throughout the campaign. Also, our coalition members, who at first had been very shy about speaking, became great speakers; their passion for the issue was central to the success of the campaign.

Success happened a little at a time. At first the city council members ignored us. We would speak during public comment time, which was as the end of the meeting, frequently as late as 1 am, when council members were drifting quietly away. Finally, after two years of effort, the council enacted no smoking in the common areas of apartments and condos. Two years after that, due to our tenacity, the city council enacted no smoking on balconies and patios of apartments and condos on September 9, 2010. Read More »

The Latest Installment in Smokefree Housing

Over what seems to have been forever, our friends at Smokefree Air For Everyone (S.A.F.E.) have been leading the efforts in the City of Santa Monica to create a comprehensive smokefree multi-unit housing policy. Last month the City of Santa Monica, after several failed attempts, adopted a housing policy which includes units of apartments and condominiums. Why is the city of Santa Monica so important? Well, it’s the first rent controlled city in the state to adopt such a policy.   To learn more about this exciting and long ranging effort, we asked S.A.F.E. a few questions regarding their efforts. The first half of the interview is posted below. Part 2 will be coming next week.

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