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Getting the Gold Star in Protecting Kids

Smoking and child care? You wouldn’t even think that’s a topic of discussion today, right? In fact, California does regulate smoking in licensed child care facilities by prohibiting smoking at all times in child care centers, or a facility that’s sole purpose is to provide childcare services, but not child care homes, or day care facilities operated out of a person’s home. In child care homes, smoking is only prohibited during hours of operation and when children are not present. Despite the intrinsic difference in setting (someone’s home versus a separate business), we all know the dangers associated with exposure to secondhand smoke do not discriminate. The risk is the same whether a child is cared for in a center or in a home setting.

In late April, the American Lung Association in California Smokefree OC project launched the GOLD Star Provider program in the city of Costa Mesa to help prevent exposure from secondhand smoke in licensed child care homes. Read More »

What we don’t know – E-Cigarettes

Recently, the World Health Organization issued a strong statement against the use of E-Cigarettes. It declared that “Until such time as a given ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems) is deemed safe and effective and of acceptable quality by a competent national regulatory body, consumers should be strongly advised not to use any of these products, including electronic cigarettes.”

This declaration is part of a growing trend to warn and inform consumers of electronic cigarettes that the dangers are not immediately known. At the national level, the FDA stated that e-cigarettes are not a cessation device and conducted initial lab tests that found e-cigarettes contain detectable levels of toxic chemicals, including an ingredient found in anti-freeze. Furthermore, these same lab tests found that cartridges labeled as nicotine free did in fact contain traceable amounts of nicotine. Read More »

Cigarette companies are starting fresh with E-cigarettes

On June 28, 2013, Carl Quintanilla, a CNBC anchor, posted a short clip on Vine showing Murray Kessler, CEO of Lorillard Tobacco, smoking an E-cigarette on the CNBC set at the New York Stock Exchange floor. In August 2012, Lorillard Tobacco made a bold and surprising move and purchased one of the largest e-cigarette brands, Blu Cigs, for $135 million! A little more than a year later, e-cigarettes are now becoming a bigger trend.

As cigarette sales are dropping, most tobacco companies have been introducing smokeless tobacco like snuff and snus to the market. But recently, there has been an increase in the prevalence of e-cigarette advertising on TV, in what many believe to be an attempt by the tobacco industry to counter the increased scrutiny of tobacco products, and their declining use. Read More »

ABC’s of Marlene Gomez

We have a new team member! Marlene Gomez comes to us from SAFE and will be helping with our work in Los Angeles. Welcome, Marlene!

A is for Area Code: 310

B is for Breakfast. What did you have for breakfast today? Strawberry Protein Shake with almond milk

C is for Calling. What do you consider your calling to be? Helping others

D is for Dogs. Do you have any? Yes, I have a 3 year old Golden Retriever

E is for Energy. What do you do when you need more energy? Hear music really loud and start dancing

F is for Fun. What do you like to do for fun? Watch movies either at home or the movie theatre

G is for Greatest Accomplishment. What is yours? My daughter-She is awesome

H is for Hometown. Where are you from? Born in Los Angeles, but both parents are from Mexico

I is for Interesting: Name one interesting fact about yourself. I love to sing karaoke

J is for Job Title. What is yours? Advocacy Manager

K is for Kids. Do you have any? Yes, I have a 12 year old daughter Read More »

Smokfree Multi-Unit Housing: The Next Frontier

Over the past several years, cities and counties throughout the state have been tackling the policy mountain that is smokefree multi-unit housing (SF MUH), with great success. So much work has been done that we even saw an attempt to pass smokefree multi-unit housing at the state level with Assembly Member Marc Levine’s bill, AB 746. While that bill did not see success this year, Assembly Member Levine has vowed to bring it back during the next legislative session.

Meanwhile, SF MUH policies have been passing left and right at the local level. In fact we are up to more than 30 local policies statewide and even more voluntary policies. Recently, the Center profiled two different communities, who successfully passed SF MUH policies, in their latest Community Organizing Update. Check out some of the keys to their success by clicking here.

–Erin Reynoso