Monthly Archives: August 2013

Decrease Fire Hazards with Smokefree Multi-Unit Housing Policies

We talk a lot about the health benefits of smokefree multi-unit housing policies, but there are safety benefits as well. Last week, tossed cigarette butts triggered a Santa Rosa apartment complex fire resulting in approximately $200,000 in damages, leaving 58 residents without a place to stay. Tenants from one of the units had left their cigarette butts in a container, which later caught on fire during the night. Next to that container was a gallon of gasoline which ignited due to the fire created by the cigarette butts.

These fires are proving to be a common occurrence. In June, a cigarette caused a fire in a Castroville apartment complex, displacing 40 residents. In that same month, a discarded cigarette caused a Dinuba apartment complex fire, displacing 70 residents. In July, a cigarette butt caused a fire in a Campbell fourplex, displacing a few residents. These fires, caused by cigarettes, have all happened in just the past three months in California. Read More »

Menthol and the FDA


Recently, the FDA released their report on Menthol which determined that menthol has been used to target youth, women, and African Americans and that it is linked to increased dependence on cigarettes. Although this is not news to the tobacco control movement, the report represents a significant shift in how we address menthol in this country.

According to a study produced by TRDRP “In high school neighborhoods, targeted advertising exposes Blacks to more promotions and lower prices for the leading brand of menthol cigarettes.” Menthol has been used to target youth and the African American population. According to the new report from the FDA “…the standard marketing mix approach of price, promotion, product and place has been used to drive menthol cigarette preference among the urban African American community.” Read More »