E-cigarettes: The next big thing?

Last weekend, I walked into a bar and saw people smoking inside. My first reaction: “Why aren’t the bouncers stopping them?” My second reaction: “Why are those cigarettes in cool colors?” I then walked up to these smokers and realized they were smoking E-cigarettes. I have seen them before because my dad tried them to quit a few years ago (he said they didn’t help). But back then, they just looked like long plastic pens. The E-cigarettes these people were smoking came in different colors and they were proud to show them to me.

After they showed me their different E-cigarettes that came in pink, white, black and blue, I blatantly told them that those will not help them stop smoking and there haven’t been enough studies to know if what they are inhaling and exhaling will cause harm. Their responses were along the lines of “At least I’m not smoking a real cigarette.” Although this is a common excuse used by those that smoke e-cigarettes, they are still smoking where and when they would normally be prohibited from doing so. The “freedom” to smoke where you want and the belief that this will help them quit are what grabs consumers, however, a quick Google search shows me that E-cigarette brands acknowledge in small print that they are not a cessation product and are marketing themselves as a new and stylish way to smoke.

One brand even dons the name “Green Smoke,” indicating that it is cleaner and better on the environment and your lungs. Green Smoke advertises that its e-cigarettes provide their consumers the “Taste, quality and the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere.” But the truth is, they (along with other e-cigarette companies) are feeding off of niche: smokers who do not want to smoke but cannot seem to quit cold turkey or with the use of nicotine patches. They are addicted to the action of smoking and e-cigarettes make them feel like they can keep the action of smoking without the harm. They are also appealing because they come in various flavors and don’t leave the harsh smell of cigarettes on your clothes and car. The truth, however, is there isn’t sufficient evidence to claim they do not cause harm.

Although e-cigarettes lack tar and other chemicals, the extent of the harm the vapor one inhales and exhales are not fully understood and known. Science Daily writes about a study that shows e-cigarettes can cause immediate harm to the lungs, however, long-term effects are not quite known. Due to this lack of information, I don’t think e-cigarettes should be allowed indoors because they disrupt the quality of other people’s air.

If you want to read more, Eli Lake, a former smoker and e-cigarette smoker tells his story about quitting both types of cigarettes.

–Stacy Song



  1. peter scot
    Posted Sep 20, 2013 at 1:36 pm | Permalink

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  2. Denis Neporent
    Posted Jan 4, 2014 at 10:22 am | Permalink

    Denis Neporent
    I fully support this ban and the raising of the buying age,
    and I support the full legalization of Marijuana.
    I just wouldn’t be in favour of you smoking it on public beaches etc,
    or buying it if under 18.

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