End-Use Strategizing

Recently I attended the Tobacco Control Evaluation Center’s Designing Effective Surveys Training in Davis. I learned a lot about designing surveys and asking good survey questions and my colleagues “guilty pleasures” (the fun icebreaker question – here’s mine).

But one of the things that I found most valuable is their worksheet for “end-use strategizing.” Rather than just sitting down and randomly brainstorming questions for a survey (which I know I’ve been guilty of), the worksheet encourages you to work through various aspects of the survey before you ever start coming up with questions.

What dawned on me is how similar the worksheet is in some ways to the Midwest Academy (MWA) Strategy Chart (and we all know I love that, right?). The worksheet gets you to think about your goals, your resources (your organizational considerations in MWA speak), your target audience (your targets in MWA), your opponents, and how you’ll actually administer the survey (sort of like tactics in MWA).

I think this really struck a nerve with me, because we at the Center are always going on and on about how you need to plan out your campaign strategy before you leap into meeting with council members and other tactics, because even though you think you know what to do, without proper strategizing you could be completely off the mark. It should be no surprise that the same thing should be true of planning out a survey, especially one that is a vital part of your campaign strategy like a public opinion survey.

I’ll be using this new tool and will definitely be encouraging those of you doing surveys as part of your campaigns to do so too. Check out the worksheet and let me know what you think!

–Vanessa Marvin

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