Make 33 your number

Last week we rolled out the first post in our District Days blog series “What’s Your Number?” and heard from Nicole Coxe who shared her number, 30, in a post titled “A number that reflects more than just one story.” This week we hear from Bill Hall from Modoc County and his number, 33.

“What is your number” has been the theme this year. While some numbers are statistics others are of a more personal nature. I struggled to find my number. I shared the project with my own mother. She in turn shared it with her mother, my grandmother.

My Grandma Flo had a number right away. She shared 33. I asked her why 33? As this number was also my football number as well as my sons. “No Billy, it is the number of Grand kids and Great Grand kids that your Grandfather never had a chance to meet. 33 lives that will never understand the unique funny sense of humor they all are blessed with and who it came from. It is sad to know that smoking cut short such a life.”

Grandma Flo sat silent for quite some time after this conversation. She came to me and whispered to me, “Make 33 your number.” 

And as all good grand kids do, I did.

P.S. I will have to change that number to 34 as my wife and I will soon be grandparents ourselves. 

So I ask, what is your number?

–Bill Hall
Modoc County Tobacco Education Program

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