My Favorite Blogs: Great Tobacco Control Reading

Sure, we love our own blog, Center’s Stage. But we figure that once in awhile you might want to read something  else. In case you do, here are a couple of other California tobacco control blogs to check out:

  • TECC (Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California) has a neat blog that they update frequently with new resources at I’m always delighted to find new treasures there. For example, they recently had a post about the “Why?” video. I remember that when we used it at I&E Days a couple of years ago it was a really powerful, so I appreciate it being resurrected. Hopefully people will use it. Also, I know we’re all looking for new information about thirdhand smoke, so this post was helpful. And lastly, I appreciated this interesting post about the history of tobacco control!
  • Teamblog, the blog from TEAMlab is also wonderful. You can find it at  A recent post with a map about the changing demographics of the US was interesting and a great reminder for all of us with materials to develop. They also have frequent posts about social media, with information about how it’s changing and recently some guidelines from CTCP.

Even if you can’t access blogs on your work computer, I think these blogs are still worth bookmarking and checking out when you get home.

Here on Center’s Stage we also have a blog roll with some other national tobacco control blogs we follow and that you might be interested in.

Check out the TEAMlab and TECC blogs today!

–Vanessa Marvin

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