Number 106: One Step Closer Towards a Smoke-free Environment

It’s the week of District Days and that means it’s time for our final post in our “What’s Your Number?” series! This week’s post, “Number 106: One Step Closer Towards a Smoke-Free Environment,” comes from James Jo and Consuela Edmond from Riverside County. For more stories, check out the posts from Monty Messex, Bill Hall and Nicole Coxe

Hope you have a great District Days!

Because nothing ruins the mouth-watering aroma of deliciously cooked food like a cloud of cigarette smoke, the County of Riverside Department of Public Health, Tobacco Control Project has worked hard to create a smoke-free dining environment throughout Riverside County.  As a result of our hard work, 106 restaurants throughout Riverside County have adopted this voluntary smoke-free outdoor dining policy, providing clean air to both dining staff and patrons.  While some restaurant owners were slightly skeptical about the policy deterring customers from their establishment, they soon found out that this was not the case.  In fact, some restaurants have even expressed an increase in business after adopting the policy.  Just a tell-tale sign that good food and fresh air go hand in hand!

When sharing this information during our I&E Days meeting, the legislators were quite surprised with how many restaurants agreed to adopt this voluntary policy.  Having 106 restaurants agree to participate provides solid proof that the residents and businesses of Riverside County want to reduce their exposure to secondhand smoke and will take the necessary steps to protect their rights to breathe clean and fresh air.  Our number, 106, gives us hope that we are one-step closer towards a smoke-free environment.

–Consuela Edmond & James Jo
  Riverside County Department of Public Health

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