Passing of Terri Hall, CDC “Tips” Campaign

Last week, the CDC reported that its “Tips from Former Smokers” campaign has been a success. Because of this campaign, there have been an increased number of quit attempts made. In a recent blog post, by Marlene, we discussed its success. You can read about it here.

This type of in-your-face campaign is reminiscent of the public service announcements from the 1990s where Debi Austin delivered a powerful message here in California. Her message made the consequences of smoking real and painful, rather than abstract warnings. There is not a single person in my generation who does not remember those powerful commercials. Earlier this year, we lost a true advocate with the passing of Ms. Austin. But her message lives on. You can see a beautiful blog written to honor her here.

And this week, tobacco took another powerful advocate away from us. The CDC campaign had itself a powerful spokesperson as well, one who suffered the same fate as Ms. Austin. Terri Hall starred in some of the most powerful commercials in this campaign. She talked about how her grandson would never hear her real voice because of the toll smoking had taken on her body. You can read more about her here. Like with Austin, Hall’s memory will live on, and the impact of her message has helped encourage millions of quit attempts.

-Lindsey Freitas


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