Pharmacies kicked cigarettes to the curb in San Francisco. So far, so good!

By Guest Blogger – Bob Gordon, LGBT Partnership

It was 22 months ago that neighborhood drugstores in San Francisco sold their last cigarette. Since then, Richmond, CA and several cities in Massachusetts have enacted similar policies. More are coming!

What a difference in the stores in San Francisco! Behind the counter, the cigarettes of yore have been replaced by other high price, high impulse items… like ink cartridges, wireless chargers and nicotine replacement therapy. All better-looking on the shelves than the cancer sticks they now replace.

Newport, Camel, American Spirit: No longer so kool.

And the job description of the counter clerks has changed, too. No more judgment calls to make about who looks old enough to buy, risking the store’s permit if selling to a minor.

In working on the first tobacco-free pharmacy policy in the US, our advocate community learned a lot, and we’d like to share some of the excitement with you in the form of a brand new 24-page color toolkit. Just holler if you’d like to receive your free copy. It’s called A Guide to Tobacco-Free Pharmacies.

Be in touch! Bob Gordon, Project Director, LGBT Partnership,, 415-436-9182

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