Places to Pitch

Are you looking to build a relationship with key opinion leaders for your campaign?  If so, have you taken a look at the Center’s newly updated document Tips: How to Make a Pitch?  This document will help to prepare you for when opportunity strikes to pitch your campaign and make your ask.  But you may be wondering, where the heck do I find these key opinion leaders anyway?  Here are some areas in which you may find influential community members:

  • Non-profit (executive director or CEO of a community organization)
  • Health (board member of hospital/health clinic)
  • Religious (pastor/priest/etc)
  • Business (local merchant or business leader)
  • Labor (head of local labor union affiliate)
  • Education (member of the school district board)
  • Social services (board member of a social service organization)
  • Government (chief of staff of a local office for an assembly member or senator)
  • Law enforcement (local police chief or sergeant)
  • Media (local reporter or blogger)
  • Politics (president of local Democratic or Republican Club)
  • Block leader/volunteer (Neighborhood Watch)

Let us know how your “pitching” goes!  We’d love to hear your experiences. 

–Jeannie Jung

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