Power in Strategy

Working in tobacco control has afforded me opportunities to collaborate with great minds, movers, and shakers all across California.  While I find the experiences enriching, there are times when I feel like I am in a bubble and I don’t often see much of anything going on outside of tobacco policy and prevention.  That all changed when I attended the Midwest Academy ‘s “Organizing for Social Change” training last month.

I met folks from all over the country who were working on a wide range of issues from seafood sustainability to immigrant and workers’ rights to climate justice.  It was inspiring, and frankly eye opening, to be in a room along with these agents of change.  Throughout the week-long training, I learned that despite the vast differences in our daily jobs the Midwest Academy Strategy Chart was the one tool that we could all effectively use for our work.

I found the Midwest Academy training to be very valuable- jump at the opportunity if you ever get the chance to participate!  As a result of this training, my excitement and knowledge for this tool has increased greatly.   I’m very much looking forward to working with my fellow Center team members on crafting more strategy charts for communities across our state.  Our work plans may vary- but developing a sound strategy chart makes for a strong and powerful foundation in any policy work.

–Jeannie Jung

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