Progress in SLO County

I visited my hometown of Arroyo Grande over the holidays and it is great to see the progress made by cities in San Luis Obispo County on local secondhand smoke ordinances in the several years since I have lived there. 

While taking my daughter to a park in Arroyo Grande I noticed the city had put up signage stating that there is no smoking allowed in the parks. 

I went for a run along the beach in Pismo Beach and was glad that I did not have to worry about anybody smoking as the city prohibited smoking on the beach a couple of years ago. 

We also took a walk around downtown San Luis Obispo.  As my daughter was tossing coins in the bear fountain by the Mission, I thought how nice it was that I would no longer have to worry about secondhand smoke exposure in the Mission Plaza or down by the adjacent creek as the city council just passed an ordinance to prohibit smoking in these areas.

Thinking back to when I grew up in the area and none of these smoking prohibitions existed, it is great to see how far San Luis Obispo County has come and I know that as this progress continues I’ll be able to visit the Thursday night farmer’s market, play a round of golf at the Morro Bay Golf Course and do more of my favorite activities and not have to worry about secondhand smoke exposure. 

–Justin Garrett

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