Smokfree Multi-Unit Housing: The Next Frontier

Over the past several years, cities and counties throughout the state have been tackling the policy mountain that is smokefree multi-unit housing (SF MUH), with great success. So much work has been done that we even saw an attempt to pass smokefree multi-unit housing at the state level with Assembly Member Marc Levine’s bill, AB 746. While that bill did not see success this year, Assembly Member Levine has vowed to bring it back during the next legislative session.

Meanwhile, SF MUH policies have been passing left and right at the local level. In fact we are up to more than 30 local policies statewide and even more voluntary policies. Recently, the Center profiled two different communities, who successfully passed SF MUH policies, in their latest Community Organizing Update. Check out some of the keys to their success by clicking here.

–Erin Reynoso

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