So, what was your favorite thing about Capitol I&E Days?

The 2013 Capitol I&E Days has come and gone. And needless to say, there was a lot of great stuff that happened on May 6th & 7th. We had over 160 participants this year from 53 counties in California and once again dropped off information with every legislative office in the Capitol. But what were our favorite parts of I&E Days? Read below and then add your own in the comments!

This year I felt that the legislative speakers (Assembly members Dickinson, Levine and Bloom) were particularly impactful. They all had such great perspective on how far we’ve come as a movement and really understand how much (and how urgent!) work still needs to be done to protect all Californians. But more importantly, with their local experiences they appreciate how important our local work is. What a great trio! – Vanessa Marvin

My favorite part of I&E Days this year was the Meet & Greet. Most years, the Meet & Greet is fairly straight forward, attendees come, have some snacks, hear a couple speakers and then go to dinner. This year, at the suggestion of our fabulous workgroup, we threw in a scavenger hunt designed to get people talking. And boy did it work! Everywhere I turned there were people smiling and introducing themselves to colleagues they had never met before. It really was a fun way to get to know people and inject some much needed fun into the event. – Erin Reynoso

I&E Days was especially good this year, because everyone really prepared themselves to share their local county and city successes and the continued efforts taking place. I saw several teams inserting local coalition flyers, local youth purchase survey rates, and other key local documents. This really shows all of the great and amazing strides we have accomplished and continue to accomplish. – Julissa Gomez

At I&E days this year, it was great to see everyone working together to prepare for their meetings. In several cases, people and groups filled in gaps that were created when some people couldn’t be there so that nobody had to attend a meeting by themselves. With this type of teamwork, it’s no wonder that there were some many great things to share with our legislators! – Lindsey Freitas

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  1. Jeff Wolsfeld
    Posted Jun 6, 2013 at 11:51 am | Permalink

    My favorite part about the event was the weather. I arrived the evening before the event and took a walk through the Capital Park. It was overcast but I did not care, I had been driving all day and needed to get my legs moving. I ran into Mary Strode, who had just attended the Meet & Greet. We spoke for a few minutes then both of us went on our way. It then began to pour, I mean really pour. I had no umbrella and was trapped under the trees. It then began to thunder. I ran to an overhang at the convention center whereby I ran into a young man who was looking at his IPhone, He related the rain would soon stop. It continued to pour. He again said it would soon stop and he showed me the radar map on his phone. Turns out he was the new weatherman for a local TV station. It continued to rain but he insisted it would be over soon. I then ran off to my hotel, in the rain. It rained all night. I hope he still has his job.


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