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Places to Pitch

Are you looking to build a relationship with key opinion leaders for your campaign?  If so, have you taken a look at the Center’s newly updated document Tips: How to Make a Pitch?  This document will help to prepare you for when opportunity strikes to pitch your campaign and make your ask.  But you may be wondering, where the heck do I find these key opinion leaders anyway?  Here are some areas in which you may find influential community members:

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My Favorite Blogs: Great Tobacco Control Reading

Sure, we love our own blog, Center’s Stage. But we figure that once in awhile you might want to read something  else. In case you do, here are a couple of other California tobacco control blogs to check out:

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Need some tips from a Capitol Insider?

We’ve organized I&E Days for what, a hundred years now? And I’ve been around our government relations office here in Sacramento for ages, hearing the ins and outs process at the State Capitol. You’d think I’d practically be a Capitol insider by now.

Well in truth I’m not even close. And that was really brought home to me when I heard Susan McEntire speak on our New Legislator Orientation webinar. She’s a true Capitol insider with years of experience in a district office and at the Capitol. She’s now the Chief of Staff for Assembly Member Das Williams (35th District). We were fortunate to have her speak on the New Legislator Orientation call last week to share her experience and advice. Read More »

Where is Our Social Media?

The military announced last week that it is changing its rules on social media – allowing access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites. 

This sounds like great news for military members abroad who will now have new options to stay in contact with distant family members. The new policy also allows the military itself to connect in new ways with the public. In fact,  Read More »