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From the Halls of the Capitol to City Hall – Legislators Run for Local Office

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times highlights the importance of maintaining strong connections  with your state legislators. We have all heard the stories of Assembly Members and Senators, who term out and move on to higher office. It always seems a bit of a surprise when they return back to local office, but this is a growing trend with our current state Senate and Assembly Members.

According to the August 5th LA Times article, “Sacramento becomes a steppingstone to L.A. City Hall” term limits have had the unintended outcome of encouraging more Senators and Assembly Members to return to local office. There are four current Assembly Members running for Los Angeles city council; Assembly Member Bob Blumenfield is the most recent to throw his hat into the ring, running for a West San Fernando Valley seat. Other Assembly Members are Mike Davis, Felipe Fuentes, and Gil Cedillo. All these Assembly Members are facing the end of their term in the Assembly, as a result of term limits. Read More »

You’re doing a great job and you’re fired

As discussed in the opening blog post to this series, term limits have a big impact on our efforts to educate California legislators through I&E Days and District Days.  But that doesn’t mean I have to like them, and I don’t, here’s why:

Reason #1 – I see no reason why someone who is good at their job has to give it up after a certain amount of time.  How many of you have been in your job for more than six years?  If you were an Assembly Member you would now have to look for a new job.  This is what elections are for; if your elected official is not doing a good job, stop voting for them. Read More »

Rumble in the Office: Justin vs. Vanessa

I was sitting at my desk last week when a fight broke out between Justin and Vanessa. There was yelling and  throwing of office supplies, doors were slammed and alliances were formed.  I sat by as the paper clips whizzed by my head and thought, “how did this happen?” And then I opened my email. Read More »

The Newest Miracle Product – District Days!

Just last week we premiered our new video, “The Newest Miracle Product – District Days!”, on our Newcomers Webinar. Needless to say, all of us here at the Center think it is not only hilarious but informative as well.

If you haven’t yet seen the video, click here. And for a special outtake video, “Laughter & Lost Lines” click here.

We asked three of the fabulous actors in the video to tell us what they thought of the video and what they thought about filming with the Center. Read More »

Local Legislative District Days: You never know what relationships can develop

By Guest Blogger – Debra Levi, Valley Community Clinic’s Tobacco Prevention Program

While working in the City of San Fernando on reducing youth access to tobacco products, I received an e-mail from The Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing announcing Local Legislative District Days.  I, being fairly new to the tobacco control world at the time said to myself, “I wonder why they want us to meet with our representatives in their local office when we already met with them in their Sacramento office?”   Well, soon I found out why Local Legislative District Days is so important.   Read More »