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We Have Resources for Your CX Process

Recently, I’ve started getting lots of questions about how many and which communities have passed various local tobacco control policies. This is all part of the CX process that local tobacco coalitions are in the middle of right now. At the Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing, we produce a lot of documents that list the details of policies ranging from tobacco retailer licenses to secondhand smoke ordinances. In addition, we’ve done a lot of public opinion polling over the years, which might also be useful for your coalition to consider.

But with so much information, how do you all figure out what is available for each indicator? There are a lot of indicators, and we have resources for many of them. Here is a quick and dirty summary of some of the information you can find on our website: Read More »

What we don’t know – E-Cigarettes

Recently, the World Health Organization issued a strong statement against the use of E-Cigarettes. It declared that “Until such time as a given ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems) is deemed safe and effective and of acceptable quality by a competent national regulatory body, consumers should be strongly advised not to use any of these products, including electronic cigarettes.”

This declaration is part of a growing trend to warn and inform consumers of electronic cigarettes that the dangers are not immediately known. At the national level, the FDA stated that e-cigarettes are not a cessation device and conducted initial lab tests that found e-cigarettes contain detectable levels of toxic chemicals, including an ingredient found in anti-freeze. Furthermore, these same lab tests found that cartridges labeled as nicotine free did in fact contain traceable amounts of nicotine. Read More »

Cigarette companies are starting fresh with E-cigarettes

On June 28, 2013, Carl Quintanilla, a CNBC anchor, posted a short clip on Vine showing Murray Kessler, CEO of Lorillard Tobacco, smoking an E-cigarette on the CNBC set at the New York Stock Exchange floor. In August 2012, Lorillard Tobacco made a bold and surprising move and purchased one of the largest e-cigarette brands, Blu Cigs, for $135 million! A little more than a year later, e-cigarettes are now becoming a bigger trend.

As cigarette sales are dropping, most tobacco companies have been introducing smokeless tobacco like snuff and snus to the market. But recently, there has been an increase in the prevalence of e-cigarette advertising on TV, in what many believe to be an attempt by the tobacco industry to counter the increased scrutiny of tobacco products, and their declining use. Read More »

E-cigarettes: The next big thing?

Last weekend, I walked into a bar and saw people smoking inside. My first reaction: “Why aren’t the bouncers stopping them?” My second reaction: “Why are those cigarettes in cool colors?” I then walked up to these smokers and realized they were smoking E-cigarettes. I have seen them before because my dad tried them to quit a few years ago (he said they didn’t help). But back then, they just looked like long plastic pens. The E-cigarettes these people were smoking came in different colors and they were proud to show them to me.

After they showed me their different E-cigarettes that came in pink, white, black and blue, I blatantly told them that those will not help them stop smoking and there haven’t been enough studies to know if what they are inhaling and exhaling will cause harm. Their responses were along the lines of “At least I’m not smoking a real cigarette.” Although this is a common excuse used by those that smoke e-cigarettes, they are still smoking where and when they would normally be prohibited from doing so. The “freedom” to smoke where you want and the belief that this will help them quit are what grabs consumers, however, a quick Google search shows me that E-cigarette brands acknowledge in small print that they are not a cessation product and are marketing themselves as a new and stylish way to smoke. Read More »

Beating Big Tobacco to the Punch – Part 1


Photo credit: www.nu-mark.com

By Guest Blogger – Elisa Laird Metke, J.D., ChangeLab Solutions


It’s getting harder for smokers to find a place to light up these days, but the tobacco industry isn’t worried. It has plenty of new products to attract new users and keep the current ones hooked. The industry has introduced an array of smokeless products to give smokers a nicotine boost when they can’t light up, including E-cigarettes (battery-powered devices with inhalable nicotine), snus (teabag-like tobacco pouches), and dissolvable candy-like tobacco. The newest entry on the market is something called “Verve,” a flavored disc containing nicotine but no tobacco, which you suck on like a lozenge and then spit out. Some of the new products are unregulated and even may legally be sold to children. Read More »