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Using Social Media Strategically in your Campaign

Last month Vanessa and I were lucky enough to attend the National Conference on Tobacco or Health (NCTOH). Vanessa created an AWESOME poster on our new Capitol Information and Education Days Guide, while I conducted a presentation on using social media strategically in your policy campaign. Read More »

Power of Facebook

Facebook is a great place to find out what your class of ’90 classmates have been up to, what kind of burger your best friend ate over the weekend, and what your cousin’s doppelganger looks like.  But did you know that you can even use Facebook to recruit coalition members for your campaign?  Read on… Read More »

YouTube Used to Push Tobacco?

During our Center Team retreat held last week, we discussed our latest assessment survey where we found that 34% of LLA’s are not permitted to access social media sites. This had been weighing heavily on my mind when Vanessa sent me a link to this article from CnnHealth.com about how YouTube is being used to push tobacco. The article was pretty interesting and got me to immediately drop what I was doing to go to YouTube to check out some of these videos. Read More »

Fad or Friend?

I recently watched a YouTube video on the current global social media “fad”. What struck me most was how increasingly popular it continues to become at a pace unheard of by any medium before it. For instance, it took the iPod 3 years to reach 50 million users while Facebook reached 200 million in less than ONE YEAR. And today, as I was perusing Mashable, I came across another article touting the popularity of social media usership and how it is increasing even with its current users. Looks like your average social media user spends 66% more time on these sites than he did a year ago. Read More »

Where is Our Social Media?

The military announced last week that it is changing its rules on social media – allowing access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites. 

This sounds like great news for military members abroad who will now have new options to stay in contact with distant family members. The new policy also allows the military itself to connect in new ways with the public. In fact,  Read More »