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Plain Packaging

The latest in our series “Tobacco & Twenty-somethings”, by Stacy Song

Have you seen or heard about the cigarette warning labels in Australia? One of my friends just got back from studying abroad “down under” and told me about the labels they use. This packaging is termed “plain packaging” and it involves the majority of the pack to be covered in health warning leaving only a small space for the brand of the cigarette. Australia has the strictest tobacco advertising laws, requiring cigarette companies to strip their labels for graphic images of the negative outcomes of tobacco smoking. You can view the labels here, and will probably not be able to stop yourself from cringing. Australia, however, is not the only country with images used as warning labels. 64 countries and jurisdictions already require pictures or images on cigarette packs. Read More »

FDA Increases Opportunities for Action

Yesterday I attended the Coalition for a Tobacco Free Los Angeles County quarterly meeting. I’m always happy to get out of the office and go to coalition meetings and catch up with colleagues! But this time there were also two great presentations about last year’s FDA law from Rosario Quintanilla Vior from the FDA Los Angeles District Office, as well as from our own Justin Garrett.

Check out a short clip from Justin’s presentation. Read More »

Green to Yellow

Ever been cruising along in your car and then all of a sudden the green light turns yellow and you can’t decide if you are going to make it or not?  You go through that whole “Slam on the brakes!  No wait, hit the gas and make the light.  Not enough time, slam on the brakes!” thought process in your head.  This is kind of like that. Read More »