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Our Favorite Moments of I&E Days 2014!

Every year, I&E Days allows tobacco prevention and public health individuals from all over California to come together at the State Capitol to educate their legislators on local and statewide tobacco issues. There were many highlights this year, however, we want to point out a single few favorite moments. Feel free to tell us your favorite part of I&E Days 2014 in the comment section below!

This is the 10th I&E Days I have attended. But it was my first year participating from behind the scenes and helping to plan the event. I had an opportunity to see how it is that all participants get assigned to their meetings, I even had an opportunity to help with assigning many of the participants as team leaders.

I have to admit it was a big change for me not to prepare to meet with my legislators this year, but I really enjoyed helping participants get ready for
their meetings. But my favorite part of this I&E Days was interacting with participants from across the State of California. Usually, I only interact with the LA folks, so it was great to meet so many people and to feel the great energy and enthusiasm that everyone brought to this year’s I&E Days. Looking forward to next year!

– Marlene Gomez

It’s always difficult for me to pick a favorite part of our Capitol I&E Days event because everything, really, is so much fun. From watching the newcomers learn and experience meetings for the first time, to networking with colleagues at the Meet and Greet, to hearing about the legislative visits, it’s a great experience from start to finish. But, I suppose if I have to pick, my favorite part of I&E Days was hearing Assembly Member Dr. Pan speak. Read More »

Districts Are Good For Us

A couple years ago, there was a huge debate across the state about redrawing the legislative districts throughout California. And these legislative districts are an important aspect of our statewide events like Local Legislative District Days and I&E Days (I mean, how do you have District Days without districts?).

But district representation is also critical in the local communities we do most of our tobacco control work in. Recently, this news story from San Mateo caught my eye. Last November, San Mateo residents voted to become the last county in California to be divided into districts, rather than having their county board of supervisor members elected at-large.

This is good news to me because in general, having districts makes more accountable representatives and a more accountable government, since a supervisor/member represents fewer people. This gives all community members, in particular diverse populations and those in rural areas of a county, more access to the people who are representing them. Read More »

My First I&E Days Experience!

I had no idea what to expect for my first I&E Days. As I neared the capitol and finished my first coffee, I awakened and became excited as I saw the large white tent where the 2013 Capitol I&E Days conference was taking place. When I got to the tent, I helped check in the I&E Days participants. During the process, it was great to see all the faces helping out with tobacco awareness. All faces were different and from different parts of California, but everyone had a similar look of eagerness and readiness for the day.

Later, all the participants got into their groups to talk about how they would go about their meetings with their legislators. We found that there were some gaps and people came together to do more work and go to those meetings as well. I ended up filling one of these gaps so someone wouldn’t have to go alone and I’m really glad I had that chance! Read More »

So, what was your favorite thing about Capitol I&E Days?

The 2013 Capitol I&E Days has come and gone. And needless to say, there was a lot of great stuff that happened on May 6th & 7th. We had over 160 participants this year from 53 counties in California and once again dropped off information with every legislative office in the Capitol. But what were our favorite parts of I&E Days? Read below and then add your own in the comments!

This year I felt that the legislative speakers (Assembly members Dickinson, Levine and Bloom) were particularly impactful. They all had such great perspective on how far we’ve come as a movement and really understand how much (and how urgent!) work still needs to be done to protect all Californians. But more importantly, with their local experiences they appreciate how important our local work is. What a great trio! – Vanessa Marvin

My favorite part of I&E Days this year was the Meet & Greet. Most years, the Meet & Greet is fairly straight forward, attendees come, have some snacks, hear a couple speakers and then go to dinner. This year, at the suggestion of our fabulous workgroup, we threw in a scavenger hunt designed to get people talking. And boy did it work! Everywhere I turned there were people smiling and introducing themselves to colleagues they had never met before. It really was a fun way to get to know people and inject some much needed fun into the event. – Erin Reynoso Read More »

A number that reflects more than just one story

Sharing your personal story with your legislator is a good way to build a relationship. And with District Days approaching (September 17-21), there’s no better time to start thinking about the story you want to share when you meet with your legislators in their district offices.

To help get you excited about sharing your story, we asked four I&E Workgroup Members to share theirs on our blog. Over the next month, we will post one story each week in our “What’s Your Number?” blog series.

This week we hear from Nicole Coxe from Santa Clara County.

Nicole Coxe, Tobacco-Free Coalition chair Dr. Roger Kennedy & Senator Corbett's Legislative Aide

As a participant in the 2012 Tobacco Information and Education (I&E) Days in Sacramento, I was asked to choose a number that represented my story, my community or program’s story to share with my Legislator that would highlight why tobacco prevention efforts are valuable. I was torn between choosing a number that related to my personal story or to our program work, so I chose both. Read More »