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I&E Days 2012 – A few of our favorite things.

Though it has been a few months since I&E Days, the Center team thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite things about this year’s event. Check out our thoughts below and see photos from the event here. What were some of your favorite things about the event?

My favorite part of I&E Days was seeing the photos of legislators and staffers holding up their numbers. When the I&E planning workgroup was talking about this idea, there was a little part of my brain that worried about whether legislators and staffers would actually agree to do this. I loved the idea, don’t get me wrong…. but legislators and staffers sharing something so personal? And writing it on a big blank piece of paper? For a photo? Not so sure. So there was nothing more exciting than having people come back from meetings all afternoon long with amazing stories and photos from their meeting. And it wasn’t just because our idea worked. But because each photo was a real reminder of our message – “Everyone has a number.” And a real reminder about how extremely vital our work is. I left I&E Days inspired.

–Vanessa Marvin Read More »

I&E Days: The Rookie Journey

By Guest Blogger – Iris Gonzalez, American Lung Association in California

If anyone was a newcomer at I&E Days, it was me.

An opportunity arose for me to work in tobacco policy for our Orange County office and I jumped at the chance. The American Lung Association in California recently received a 3 year tobacco control grant from the California Department of Public Health to promote comprehensive smoke-free policies in Buena Park, Costa Mesa, and Orange. The primary goal of the Smoke Free OC project is to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke by increasing the number of outdoor recreational facilities, areas, and venues that have smoke-free policies. Another goal is to increase the number of licensed child care homes and foster care homes that are smoke-free inside at all times. Read More »

What Comes After I&E Days?

This year I’ve seen two of the best examples post-I&E Days follow-up I’ve ever seen. These two coalitions went above and beyond the normal “thank you” letter to legislators and came up with something unique. Read More »

I&E Days 2010 – What an event!

It was about two weeks ago today that tobacco control advocates gathered at the State Capitol for Capitol I&E Days. A few of us here at the Center decided to take a second and reflect on some of our favorite parts of the event:

It takes a long time to make I&E Days appointments and even longer to break people into legislative visit teams; we consider geography, workplans and level of I&E days experience. It is great to see the fruits of our labor all come together when the teams break out and start working Read More »

Problem or Solution? Which Comes First?

In our I&E Planning Workgroup we’re having a debate: Which should come first in our key messages, the problem or the solution? On the one hand, having the problem come first catches the elected official’s attention, reminds them of the urgency of the issue, and reminds them that the problem of tobacco is not solved. However, leading with the problem means you end the meeting with the solution. This means you end on a happy note, letting the elected official feel like the problem is solved by your solution. Some people worry that this may make the elected official feel like there is no need to take action. Read More »