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Smokfree Multi-Unit Housing: The Next Frontier

Over the past several years, cities and counties throughout the state have been tackling the policy mountain that is smokefree multi-unit housing (SF MUH), with great success. So much work has been done that we even saw an attempt to pass smokefree multi-unit housing at the state level with Assembly Member Marc Levine’s bill, AB 746. While that bill did not see success this year, Assembly Member Levine has vowed to bring it back during the next legislative session.

Meanwhile, SF MUH policies have been passing left and right at the local level. In fact we are up to more than 30 local policies statewide and even more voluntary policies. Recently, the Center profiled two different communities, who successfully passed SF MUH policies, in their latest Community Organizing Update. Check out some of the keys to their success by clicking here.

–Erin Reynoso

What’s the Truth About SB 332?

Ever since it was introduced last year, there have been a lot of questions about SB 332. And now that it will soon go into effect (on January 1, 2012) there is still much confusion and questions are still being raised. Just last week in West Hollywood there was news that the city council was worried that the state law would trump their rent control laws and permit landlords to impose new smoking restrictions on tenants, allowing them to evict long time tenants.

In fact, SB 332 does not create any new landlord rights.  The law simply codifies in state law that landlords have the legal authority to prohibit smoking in the apartments that they own and manage.  This was a right that landlords already had prior to this state law.  The state law explicitly requires landlords to abide by local laws regarding changes to the terms of tenancy.  For cities with rent control, including West Hollywood, this means that tenants who smoke cannot be forced to accept new lease terms regarding smoking.

If you have questions about the bill, the Center just released a new factsheet going through some of the details of the bill. We also released a community organizing update with some ways that you can take advantage of this new law and use it to promote your smokefree housing work.

–Vanessa Marvin

Personality Profile: Roy Rosell

The new Organizing Update from the Center highlights Roy Rosell who works for AYC. In the interview he shares how he gets involved in communities in which he works.  Read More »

Find, Follow, Communicate

The Center just released a new Organizing Update which talks about using Twitter to connect with legislators.

The article points out that if you find, follow and communicate with your elected officials on Twitter it may give you the opportunity to meet them face to face, communicate with them directly or learn something that allows you to relate to them on a more personal level, all of which might help your campaign.  Read More »

Organizing Update – Los Angeles

The new Organizing Update from the Center tells the story of the Los Angeles smokefree dining campaign. In the end the coalition was victorious, but they had some tough times. According to the article:  Read More »