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We Have Resources for Your CX Process

Recently, I’ve started getting lots of questions about how many and which communities have passed various local tobacco control policies. This is all part of the CX process that local tobacco coalitions are in the middle of right now. At the Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing, we produce a lot of documents that list the details of policies ranging from tobacco retailer licenses to secondhand smoke ordinances. In addition, we’ve done a lot of public opinion polling over the years, which might also be useful for your coalition to consider.

But with so much information, how do you all figure out what is available for each indicator? There are a lot of indicators, and we have resources for many of them. Here is a quick and dirty summary of some of the information you can find on our website: Read More »

Smoke Free Honeymoon?

A couple years ago I went to Spain with my then boyfriend.  We were lucky enough to get to visit several different cities: Madrid, Valencia, Ourense among a few. It was great fun with great people, late dinners and lots of music. The one draw back though? Smoking. And I mean everywhere. So this year, when my now fiancé suggested Barcelona for our honeymoon, I was a little hesitant. Did I really want to spend my honeymoon coughing and reeking of cigarettes? Or should I chance it? Read More »

Organizing Update – Los Angeles

The new Organizing Update from the Center tells the story of the Los Angeles smokefree dining campaign. In the end the coalition was victorious, but they had some tough times. According to the article:  Read More »