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End-Use Strategizing

Recently I attended the Tobacco Control Evaluation Center’s Designing Effective Surveys Training in Davis. I learned a lot about designing surveys and asking good survey questions and my colleagues “guilty pleasures” (the fun icebreaker question – here’s mine).

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I Hope You Never Experience This

A whole bunch of us Center folks – Erin, Jeannie, Jennifer, Jack and I – were in Los Angeles two weeks ago to do a training for their Prop 99 and CPPW funded agencies about the Midwest Academy strategy chart. One section of the training was devoted to thinking about the fact that your strategy chart is not a permanent document you create once in a campaign, but rather something you adjust as you learn more facts you in your campaign. Or run into problems. At the training, small groups each worked on a scenario dealing with some of the common problems we’ve seen tobacco coalitions and campaigns face time and time again across the state: Read More »