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Smoke Free Honeymoon?

A couple years ago I went to Spain with my then boyfriend.  We were lucky enough to get to visit several different cities: Madrid, Valencia, Ourense among a few. It was great fun with great people, late dinners and lots of music. The one draw back though? Smoking. And I mean everywhere. So this year, when my now fiancé suggested Barcelona for our honeymoon, I was a little hesitant. Did I really want to spend my honeymoon coughing and reeking of cigarettes? Or should I chance it? Read More »

Tobacco Around the World: New Zealand

I spent a month in New Zealand earlier this year, and when I wasn’t out in the bush on various treks, I noticed how NZ handles smokers and smoking. (Note for trekkers, the Milford Track in the Southern Alps on the South Island is awesome.)  The most visible evidence of NZ tobacco control efforts is the packaging.  About a third of the front panel of cartons and individual packs are covered with full color, grotesque photos accompanied by warnings: Read More »