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Beating Big Tobacco to the Punch – Part 1


Photo credit: www.nu-mark.com

By Guest Blogger – Elisa Laird Metke, J.D., ChangeLab Solutions


It’s getting harder for smokers to find a place to light up these days, but the tobacco industry isn’t worried. It has plenty of new products to attract new users and keep the current ones hooked. The industry has introduced an array of smokeless products to give smokers a nicotine boost when they can’t light up, including E-cigarettes (battery-powered devices with inhalable nicotine), snus (teabag-like tobacco pouches), and dissolvable candy-like tobacco. The newest entry on the market is something called “Verve,” a flavored disc containing nicotine but no tobacco, which you suck on like a lozenge and then spit out. Some of the new products are unregulated and even may legally be sold to children. Read More »

Numbers Never Lie

Today Center’s Stage is guest blogging over at the Health DATAbytes blog at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, a blog about how to use data in health efforts. You probably know that we at the Center love our data and use it to move policy campaigns forward. But it’s interesting and fun to have this opportunity to step back and think about how much data we really do have, especially on a topic like tobacco retailer licensing.

Check out our blog post about using data to combat the common arguments against licensing. Hopefully you’re familiar with all of these tools! And check out Health DATAbytes for some interesting reading about data being used in other health efforts from childhood obesity to elder health. 

–Vanessa Marvin

The Center Releases Poll Results, Now What?

Did you know that The Center just released results from a new survey of California voters on policies in the tobacco retail environment? Check it out at our website here.  Don’t have time this very second to browse through the memos and factsheets?  Keep reading along for some highlights:

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NMA Moves into the Valley

Over the past few years it’s been easy to get complacent about tobacco retailer licensing ordinances. Not that they are easy, because they aren’t. But it’s not that often that there is strong opposition to the ordinances at council meetings. But that’s not true anymore. Recently the Neighborhood Market Association (NMA) has begun showing up to city council meetings and opposing tobacco retailer licensing and other retail environment policies. They had been active in their home base of San Diego, but now they are speaking out across the state, and one of the first places they appeared was the City of Fresno. Read More »

Pharmacies kicked cigarettes to the curb in San Francisco. So far, so good!

By Guest Blogger – Bob Gordon, LGBT Partnership

It was 22 months ago that neighborhood drugstores in San Francisco sold their last cigarette. Since then, Richmond, CA and several cities in Massachusetts have enacted similar policies. More are coming!

What a difference in the stores in San Francisco! Behind the counter, the cigarettes of yore have been replaced by other high price, high impulse items… like ink cartridges, wireless chargers and nicotine replacement therapy. All better-looking on the shelves than the cancer sticks they now replace. Read More »