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New Year, New Trainings

From the foggy redwoods of Crescent City to the desert border of El Centro, and lots of cities big and small in between, the American Lung Association in California’s Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing has provided countless trainings for local tobacco control coalitions.

And guess what? It’s free.

Our trainings cover topics like public speaking, the strategy chart, and coalition building. In addition, we have a few new trainings to offer this year: Read More »

Hangout with Us

We do a lot of trainings. Trainings on everything from tobacco control policy to how to organize your coalition and pass an ordinance. In the past couple years I have been up and down this awesome state and visited Del Norte, Kern, Kings, San Diego, Contra Costa and Los Angeles counties, just to name a few. So when Michael from Calaveras County contacted us about conducting a training in his neck of the woods, I started packing my bags and gassing up my Honda.

Unfortunately, there was a wrench in my plan, and it goes by the name “budget restrictions”. Because things are getting tighter and tighter in tobacco control, we can no longer travel for trainings that will have fewer than ten attendees. This is truly a bummer because, 1) I love getting to see all these awesome cities in California, and 2) there is really no better way to train someone than in person. Read More »

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–Erin Reynoso

I Hope You Never Experience This

A whole bunch of us Center folks – Erin, Jeannie, Jennifer, Jack and I – were in Los Angeles two weeks ago to do a training for their Prop 99 and CPPW funded agencies about the Midwest Academy strategy chart. One section of the training was devoted to thinking about the fact that your strategy chart is not a permanent document you create once in a campaign, but rather something you adjust as you learn more facts you in your campaign. Or run into problems. At the training, small groups each worked on a scenario dealing with some of the common problems we’ve seen tobacco coalitions and campaigns face time and time again across the state: Read More »

Behind the Orange Curtain: Would Your Coalition Pursue Policy Change?

What would your county tobacco coalition do if the health department couldn’t support the work of passing local policies? That’s the situation Orange County finds itself in. The health department has had their hands tied and can’t work on advocating for local policy change. So if the coalition wants to pass any tobacco control policies behind the self proclaimed “Orange Curtain” the coalition needs to take it on by itself. That might sound easy, but the OC tobacco coalition is like all the others around the state — made up of dedicated, hard-working and passionate people… who have other fulltime jobs. Read More »