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A New Report by the CDC – Flavored Cigars

On Monday, August 27, 2012 Representative Henry Waxman held a press conference at Fairfax High School to discuss the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) new report, “Flavored Cigar Smoking Among U.S. Adults: Findings from the 2009-2012 National Adult Tobacco Survey.” This report, determined that flavored cigars are used the most among the young, poor, Hispanic, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered (LGBT) populations. The report also found that 44.9% of cigars smokers in California use flavored cigars, which is slightly higher than the national average of 42.9%. Read More »

A New Analysis on Proposition 26

The California Taxpayers Association recently released Understanding Proposition 26, a guide to the new tax structure in California.  I was interested to see what this organization had to say about Prop. 26 since they were one of the sponsors of the ballot initiative. 

As most of you know, in November 2010, California voters approved Prop. 26, which reclassified many local fees as taxes, subjecting them to a two-thirds vote requirement.  Throughout the campaign and after the initiative was adopted, many tobacco control advocates were wondering how this would impact their local tobacco control work, specifically related to tobacco retailer license fees.

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The Center Releases Poll Results, Now What?

Did you know that The Center just released results from a new survey of California voters on policies in the tobacco retail environment? Check it out at our website here.  Don’t have time this very second to browse through the memos and factsheets?  Keep reading along for some highlights:

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Tobacco Control Around the World: Sydney

Sometimes, less is more.  While honeymooning in the land down under, I came across these anti-smoking signs  prominently displayed at retail stores throughout Sydney.  I was struck by how simple and direct these signs were.  No flashy graphics- just simply text: “Smoking Kills” along with cessation information.  Another thing I liked was that an individual could only buy tobacco products from a specific register.   I was curious as to when these policies were enacted- a quick search on Google led me to the New South Wales (NSW) Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2008.

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NMA Moves into the Valley

Over the past few years it’s been easy to get complacent about tobacco retailer licensing ordinances. Not that they are easy, because they aren’t. But it’s not that often that there is strong opposition to the ordinances at council meetings. But that’s not true anymore. Recently the Neighborhood Market Association (NMA) has begun showing up to city council meetings and opposing tobacco retailer licensing and other retail environment policies. They had been active in their home base of San Diego, but now they are speaking out across the state, and one of the first places they appeared was the City of Fresno. Read More »