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Weapons and Licensing, What’s the Connection?

We often make the argument that a tobacco retailer licensing ordinance gets more police on the streets, in the community and into stores. The licensing fee paid by tobacco retailers supports the youth tobacco decoy operations, but while conducting the stings, officers may see other things going on in the community. Right now, police everywhere are strapped for cash and not able to put as many officers on the street as they might wish. So these tobacco retail licensing fees  can allow them to increase their police presence. Read More »

Corcoran: Journey to the Center of California

The three hour drive down I-5 is bad enough. Now throw in gusts of wind and a dust storm so thick at times I had to turn my lights on and struggled to stay in my lane.

I was heading down to Corcoran to help conduct my first organizing training with the training expert herself, Vanessa Marvin. Now, I am a little shy and a little nervous when it comes to public speaking, so driving through a dust storm certainly didn’t help ease my nerves …but so it goes.

Thankfully, the next morning, the sun was out and the dust was on the ground. I was excited, still a bit nervous, but ready to go.

Shortly after setting up the room, coalition members began trickling in, all ready to make TRL happen in their community.

All with the exception of one gentleman. Read More »