The ABC’s of Vanessa Marvin

She may be out on maternity leave but that doesn’t mean you can’t find out a little more about her today! Here are Vanessa’s ABCs.

A is for Area Code: 408

B is for Breakfast. What did you have for breakfast today? Scrambled eggs… yum

C is for Calling. What do you consider your calling to be? Doing community organizing for public health issues

D is for Dogs. Do you have any? I wish…

E is for Energy. What do you do when you need more energy? Go for a walk

F is for Fun. What do you like to do for fun? I love to read

G is for Greatest Accomplishment. What is yours? Doing a 73 lb back squat at 9 months pregnant!

H is for Hometown. Where are you from? I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles – Glendora

I is for Interesting: Name one interesting fact about yourself. I eat a paleo diet (plus some ice cream….)

J is for Job Title. What is yours? State Director, Advocacy

K is for Kids. Do you have any? Any day now! 🙂

L is for Learning. What have you learned working at the American Lung Association thus far? I think I’ve become more patient… with people, with process, with letting things play out…

M is for Millions. What would you do if you had a million dollars? Like most people I’d quit and travel the world for while and then come home and relax

N is for Need. What is one thing you need or couldn’t live without? Cotswold cheese

O is for Occupation. What was your occupation before coming to the American Lung Association? Community organizer

P is for Pet Peeve. What is yours? People who swerve in and out of lanes to get to the red light 2 minutes faster

Q is for Quote. Share your favorite quote. “There but for the grace of God go I”

R is for Right or Left. Are you a righty or a lefty? Righty

S is for Siblings. Do you have any? Yes, one brother

T is for Treat. What do you have/do when you want to treat yourself? Eat peppermint chocolate

U is for Useless. Do you have a useless talent? I think I’m talentless, useful & useless!

V is for Vacation. What is the best vacation you have been on? A couple years ago we went on a once in a lifetime trip to the Galapagos

W is for Work. What made you decide to apply for a position with the American Lung Association? Passionate about public health advocacy, plus I’d had a couple friends who’d started to smoke so the issue really resonated with me.

X is for X-Ray. Have you ever had one? Why? Not except at the dentist

Y is for Yummy. What is the yummiest food you make? Paleo pad thai

Z is for Zodiac. What is your sign? I’m a Virgo/Libra because I was born on the cusp and it depends on which dates are being used


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