The City of Los Angeles’s E-cigarette Ordinance Is Now In Effect

E-cigarettes have become the topic of concern and discussion in many cities and counties across the nation. This is not surprising since e-cigarette companies have proliferated communities with their claims that their products are a safe alternative to smoking that can be used in any location. As a matter of fact, there is no evidence establishing the safety of e-cigarettes. In addition, there is no evidence that shows that the vapor emitted from e-cigarettes is safe to inhale.

E-cigarettes are available in over 250 flavors, which include Captain Crunch, gummy bear, cotton candy, and Fruit Loops. As can be seen from some of the available flavors of e-cigarettes it is clear that there is a highly targeted effort to get youth to start using e-cigarettes. All of these issues were at the forefront of the Los Angeles City Council on March 4, 2014 when they voted unanimously to prohibit the use E-cigarettes wherever cigarettes are currently prohibited. This includes indoor workplaces,parks, beaches, and outdoor dining areas. This law went into effect on April 19th, 2014. The Lung Association applauds the City of Los Angeles for continuing its legacy of taking the steps necessary to protect the public health of their residents and visitors. But the City of Los Angeles is not alone. The cities of Chicago and New York have also taken similar steps, and their bans on e-cigarettes went into effect on April 29th, 2014. In California, 44 jurisdictions have also already taken steps to regulate the use of electronic cigarettes. To find out if your community in California is included in this list of health conscious local governments, click here or to learn more about e-cigarettes click here.

If you are a resident of the City of Los Angeles and would like to thank the City Council and Mayor Garcetti for voting in favor of regulating E-cigarettes you can do it here.

-Marlene Gomez

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