What can SLATI do for you?

Quiz time!

1. SLATI stands for:
a. Skilled League for Advancing Tennis Instruction
b. Senior Leadership Association of Texas Illustrators
c. Science Learning Academy for Technology Infrastructure
d. State Legislated Actions on Tobacco Issues

If you said D, you are correct. SLATI is a summary/compendium of all state tobacco control laws that is updated annually by the American Lung Association. You can view this information in the SLATI report or on the SLATI website. The American Lung Association just released the 2010 edition, which covers all state laws as they stood on January 1, 2011.

2. How can you use SLATI?
a. Learn how secondhand smoke laws and tobacco taxes in other states compare to those in California
b. Get an overview of all the tobacco control laws in California
c. See what tobacco control laws have been passed around the nation in recent years
d. All of the above

D is once again the correct answer. Check SLATI out today!

— Justin Garrett

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